Welcome to Rise Preparatory


The traditional school model may work well for many students, while others simply need a customized learning plan, more one-to-one attention, and room to move at their own pace.

And for others, they’re just tired of the big-campus experience, the bell system, and a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.

That’s why we created Rise Preparatory Academy.

Students move at their own pace through a blended model of teacher-led instruction, collaborative group work, and self-guided study. 

Rise Preparatory Academy is a small location by design with no more than 30–35 students on campus at a time, which fosters a positive atmosphere and eliminates bullying and keeps students from falling through the cracks. Our academic coaches are easily accessible and genuinely care about each student’s well-being and are tuned in to their personal learning style and aspirations.

We realize you’ve probably never seen a school like this. So we invite you to come see for yourself what learning re-imagined looks like and how your student can thrive at RPA.