Our Programs Overview

Our Program Offers:

Low teacher to student ratio.
Customized curriculum tailored to the student.
Remedial, accelerated, and honors programs.
Focus on creative expression and growth.

We are Dedicated to:

  • Maximizing student potential.
  • Providing students with the learning and organizational skills to achieve success.
  • Creating an atmosphere of support and acceptance.
  • Developing confidence and a strong self-image in every student.
  • Challenging students to achieve their true academic potential.
  • Fostering leadership skills and responsibility.
  • Developing strong personal values.
  • Building exemplary citizens.

Students Who Benefit

Our full-time private school is effective for many learners:

  • Students with learning difficulties
  • Students looking to advance
  • Students at risk of dropping out of school
  • Student-athletes 
  • Students who need a more flexible schedule for work or health reasons

The Student Experience

Students at Rise Preparatory Academy grow academically, emotionally and socially

Academic Impact: Once a student begins class, they get the focused one-to-one attention of their teacher, allowing them to flourish academically. Our mastery-based model ensures that students understand course content before moving ahead with their teacher. As a supplement to one-to-one sessions, students can also take advantage of our supervised Homework Studio on campus.

Emotional Growth: As students make academic progress, they gain confidence and become more motivated to learn. Students’ stress and anxiety decrease, and they feel supported and cared for by the staff.

Social Environment: The teachers and campus director serve as mentors for the student, and provide a positive environment to foster close relationships. Between classes, students socialize in the Student Commons, where they can meet friends and relax. The entire campus has lunch at the same time to encourage a social environment. Outside the classroom, students participate in school clubs, celebrate special events, and join in charitable efforts.