Larry and Nicole Walker

Rise Preparatory Academy was instrumental in assisting my son with correcting the mistakes created by his public school registrar.

My son’s situation was not unique however he was an unintentional victim of what is wrong with how the school system changes can affect the very students it’s supposed to help.
Jaleen was retained in kindergarten under the idea that it would benefit his future development being that we had never enrolled him in pre-kindergarten. The issue became a problem when Jaleen got the 3rd grade where he was was held back for not passing the FCAT.
Fed up we enrolled Jaleen into private school where he thrived and after his 9th grade year he returned to Public School where he became a standout football player for Everglades Preparatory. It was his 11th grade year when it was discovered because of his age he would be ineligible to play his senior year of Highschool because of a rule change two years earlier.
That’s when I meet Jerry Williamson of Rise Preparatory Academy. Jerry explained to my wife and I how his school worked and that Jaleen would be an ideal student and was exactly what motivated him to create Rise Academy.
We agreed to enroll Jaleen and it was as Mr. Williamson promised his words where it ain’t gone be given but if he commits to the work we can get him to the next level academically and put him in a position for a scholarship.
Jaleen not only committed he was able to accomplish all his requirements and graduated six months early. Jaleen was offered a scholarship to Quincy University  in Quincy Illinois. While his friends where preparing for thier Senior year and prom Jaleen was entering and beginning his College debut as a early enrollee at Qunicy University.
The story takes another twist a year into his college life Jaleen didn’t do so well and wasn’t focused needless to say he returned home for his summer break.
Jerry doing what he has become known for checked up on his former student, convinced Jaleen to give it another semester then went to work on helping this young man again. It should be noted that Jaleen still had his original scholarship and had already graduated Rise Academy but Jerry knowing my son and working with me to understand exactly how he could help him be successful on the next level helped Jaleen find what would be the perfect fit for him.
Jaleen was offered a another scholarship to play for Morningside College in Sioux City Iowa. Not only was this the right fit Jaleen has obtained a semester GPA of 3.5 and has officially played in his first college football game.
Rise Preparatory Academy is an excellent place for students that are committed to completing their Highschool work and can work independently. Mr. Williamson also remains committed to his students even after graduation this is one of the many reasons we are proud Rise Preparatory Academy Parent for life.