Drastically changed my son’s life

My son has been through both the worse & tough times in his life when it comes to academics. He began struggling around 3rd grade. He quickly started falling behind. To the point he failed the 3rd grade. I felt like a bad parent & felt like I had a non-teachable child. I took all the necessary steps from teacher conferences and also going the length to reach out to the School Board. Long story short we tried different schools, different teachers and even classes. Then 1 day Calvin came and had a talk with me. He ensured that he’s ready to get in his right grade and ready for all the obstacles ahead. Fast forward ⏩ Got in contact with Jerry and he explained about his new school that he was starting. Very small but hands on, exactly what my son needed. Calvin started school and even started extra credit courses. I started to see all the potential the teachers never noticed before. The grades were always good from start to finish. I don’t believe he received anything less than a B. Unfortunately with life circumstances we did have to part ways but I’ve always recommended Jerry to anyone that has kids struggling in school. He drastically changed my son’s life within a few months of being a Rise Prep Academy student.