We have an affiliation agreement with the Florida Virtual School Flex Program. This means that all middle and high school students residing in Florida and currently enrolled in RPA may register and participate in the FLVS Flex Program free of charge. (Please do not confuse this with FLVS Full-Time K-12 program, which is a public school and NOT affiliated with RPA.)

For middle and high school students residing out of State/Country, FLVS has an option for you as well. FLVS Global is available to you, however, there is a fee. Please visit https://flvs.net/global-school for more information. FLVS Login.

If you are interested in using this service, please click one of the links here. When you register with FLVS, please do so as a private school student. If they require a student ID number, this is your student’s social security number. (You may need to add an x to the end of the ss#). After you choose your district (our school is located in Miami-Dade County), a drop down box will open with a list of available schools, choose Rise Preparatory Academy. Choose me, Jerry Williamson as guidance counselor. If my name is not a choice that means you have registered incorrectly and you will need to follow the steps again. After the registration process is complete, please send me a simple email, text or message containing your child’s name letting me know you have courses awaiting my approval. ie. “John Doe is awaiting course approval on FLVS”. Then please allow up to 48hrs for me to approve your classes. Each and every time you register for classes you must inform me so that I may approve the classes. FLVS tells you they will inform me, but they do not. I WILL NOT approve any courses without the direct request from parent or student.

*FLVS is an option and by no means a requirement.